Hi, I'm Maja.

I help business owners, entrepreneurs and leaders grow their business, while at the same time improving their work-life balance.

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Maja Golob, poslovni coaching vodij in teamov, svetovanje, izobraževanje

Business coach, consultant, trainer, mentor, speaker, book author

Over the last 30 years, I’ve worked as a business consultant, coach and mentor, helping over 100 companies of various sizes and industries to grow their business. I’m a co-founder of Spago, communication consulting and coaching; a certified Executive and Systemic Team coach, a Jungian coach, a member of the international coaching associations the ICF and the EMCC. I graduated from the School of Economics and Business, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia and worked as a marketing executive and marketing consultant for years. After recovering from burnout, I focused on coaching, people development and training.

My clients say that I am able to connect seemingly unconnectable dots and present complex issues in a simple, understandable way.  This leads to new ideas that open up fresh opportunities for the growth and development of both employees and brand-building, namely the perfect foundations for a company’s success.

What makes me special?

Probably the fact that while I am guiding you towards your goals, I am also encouraging you to take a break and recharge your energy without feeling guilty. The thing is that I know from my own experience that chasing weekends is not good for anyone: if you don’t take good care of yourself, you can’t take good care of either your business or your family.

I regularly share my experience with students as a guest lecturer at the Gea College, Faculty for Entrepreneurship, Slovenia. I speak at business events, and facilitate workshops at companies and organisations. I really enjoy mentoring young women entrepreneurs within the AWE CEED global initiative as well as participants of the Marketing Academy of the Slovenian Marketing Association.

I’ve written three books and numerous articles about leadership, communications, teamwork, and work–life balance. My book “Stop Chasing Weekends” has become a national bestseller and a handbook for thousands of women in business, searching for a healthy work–life balance.
Encouraged by its success, it was followed by Stop Chasing Customers in 2019 and Stop Chasing Flowers in 2021. In my books, I invite you to explore different levels of relationships: with yourself and your loved ones, family and friends, with colleagues and clients, as well as with life itself and the world.

Let’s explore the future together!