Business coaching

“There is lack of communication, which leads to delays in projects. ”
“We are drowning in day-to-day operations, lacking time for strategic thinking.”
“I miss the spark and energy of teamwork in the true sense of the word.”

Sounds familiar? In times of constant change, old ways of doing things are no longer working.  As a coach, I work with ambitious leaders and entrepreneurial teams who are looking for fresh, more effective ways of dealing with business challenges to grow their business.
During the business coaching process, you look at your business challenges from 4 different perspectives: the product, the market, customers’, and those of your colleagues. As you adjust your perspective, things start to change: new opportunities and new ideas open up.  The process is goal-oriented, based on a proven methodology, so you achieve your goals faster and with less effort.


Areas of coaching:


Who are you as a leader? Which are your strengths and weaknesses? Improve your communication. Strengthen your authority. Increase your impact.


Discover the untapped potential in your team, boost engagement and productivity, while creating added value for customers and the company.


Reduce stress. Set boundaries. Improve your focus and time management skills. Create more time for the things that matter. For you and your team.

Trust the process

I become your thinking partner. I listen, challenge you with questions, encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and support you on your way to your goal. Sessions take place online (Zoom, MS Teams) or in person.
  • 1


    Set goals: Which goals do you want to achieve with coaching?

  • 2


    Get a fresh perspective on your challenge and gain new insights.

  • 3


    There are always multiple paths to a destination. Explore the opportunities.

  • 4


    Make an action plan of concrete steps leading towards your goal – start now!


All of us, especially those holding more responsible positions, need someone with whom we can share dilemmas that cannot be solved alone. Maja is an excellent coach. Her positive attitude, and above all her active listening open up even the most introverted soul. The key to change lies within.
Barbara Smolnikar
Maja is warm, open and compassionate. She knows how to listen and how to hear. Not necessarily just the obvious words, but also the messages appearing somewhere between the lines. She knows how to see deeply into a person, yet ensure a respectful distance so that you keep your dignity while she touches on a sensitive subject during coaching.
Maruška Likar
Maja asked me some seemingly simple questions, which echoed in my head for some time. Each following session led to new insights about myself and possibilities that I had never thought of before. I learned that all the answers were already inside me, it was just a matter of finding the way to access them. And that’s what Maja does extremely well.
Mia Vouk
The biggest challenge was time management. In the process, I realised that sometimes it is difficult for me to find solutions and then implement them in my day-to-day life. Maja guided me with great sensitivity to realise what my problem was (over-responsiveness) and then come up with appropriate measures.
Matevž Aubreht
With Maja’s help, I have gained a lot from our coaching sessions: you see things from a different perspective and find solutions that you might have been looking for in vain before, while also training a positive attitude towards yourself and life. All of this can be achieved with the help of a professionally qualified competent person with experience and feeling, which Maja certainly is.
Nina Fridrih

What makes me different from other coaches?

 Someone who has walked your path can understand  and support you better.

I understand the challenges that leaders and teams face: I’ve been running my own business for 20 years now. Before that, I managed teams in 11 countries for an international company. I’ve worked with more than 100 companies/clients – have a look at some  references.

I am a certified Leadership and Systemic Team Coach  (EIA, ITCA) and a certified Jungian coach (Jungian Coaching School), as well as a member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council and the International Coaching Federation, and I follow the Code of Ethics and Standards of the latter. Investing in my professional development by continuously upgrading my knowledge and skills is an inevitable part of my personal and professional growth.

Team Coaching
Maja Golob: ICF member coach

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