Webinar Description:
As online coaching blossoms and clients move into our homes, achieving a good work-life balance becomes harder. Remote working is blurring the boundaries between our professional and private lives, often causing stress and exhaustion. If we want to serve our clients well, we first need to take good care of ourselves.

During the 60′ session, you will conduct a work-life balance self-assessment and get practical tips and tools to improve your work-life balance.

Key Learning Takeaways:

  1. 3 work-life balance mistakes coaches make (so you don’t have to).
  2. 5 simple steps to reflect on your work and life.
  3. Practical tips to reclaim control, improve your work-life balance, and create more value for your clients and yourself.

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    Stop Chasing Weekends - Work-LIfe Balance Tips for Coaches by Maja Golob